Helpful Tips to Make Your Trip a Little Easier

Important Items to Remember:

* passports
* e-documents including:
– travel vouchers
– e-tickets
* copy of itinerary left with family or friends back home
* travel insurance/medical and trip cancellation and interruption
* local or accepted currency

Most airlines will charge a ‘seat selection fee’. If you are traveling with children, want a specific seat (aisle, window, not near the washrooms), I highly suggest that you pay the fee and I will be more than happy to pre- select your seats. If you opt NOT to pre-select your seats, then you may do so with the 24 hour online check in. For this, you need your record locator, that I will have provided to you, and then you may enter all your important information and choose your seats – this is free of charge, however there will be limited seats together.

Parking at Pearson Airport can be costly, but depending on the time of your flight, I am sure you want it to be as easy as possible. I personally love the Valet Park n Fly. You pay a bit more than the regular Park n Fly but less than parking directly at Pearson. Drop your car off, get your ticket stub and there is a shuttle running every 8 minutes directly to the airport. When you land, simply call the number on your ticket stub while you are waiting for your luggage and by the time you get outside they will most probably be there to pick you up and take you to your car.

I hope all these little suggestions help to ease some of the pre-vacation stress! Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions at all.