Last Minute Travel

last-minute-travelAre you one of those people that waits until the last minute to book your travel because you think you will get the best deal? Well if you are, you may get lucky sometimes, depending on when you are traveling and where, but most times the prices are higher. Last minute travel tends to get you the leftovers!

If you don’t care where you stay, the dates you travel or what time your flights are, then you can tend to get better deals, however most of the tour companies have a price match or price guarantee policy in place now. Why are flights getting to be so expensive? Take a look at our taxes and the price of gas alone. Airlines take a block of seats at price A and then sell them. Once those seats are sold (they are all economy, no specific place on the plane, they are just a specific fare code) then they take the next batch of seats and sell them at A+ and that goes on until the seats are sold out. So booking in advance is a much better way to go!

If you are traveling at peak times (Nov – May) then it is always better to book in advance and to take advantage of the early booking bonus savings. If you want to get some great deals, there are two ways you can go about it beyond using the early booking bonus. You could book when a new hotel is opening or re-opening as they offer some great specials. Or you could travel to the Caribbean in the summer months (fall as well, but depending on the island please be aware that it is hurricane season).

If I have any idea of what you are looking for, I can always keep an eye open for specials and new resorts coming up as I am in touch with hotels and resorts worldwide.

I hope to be able to assist you with booking a great vacation in the future.

Safe travels!

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