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The French Open in Paris

paris-france-french-openDo you have places that you want to visit on your bucket list? I do and the French Open in Paris France was one of them. I was lucky enough to get there in May 2014 and met my good friend and old tennis partner, Carol there. It was going to be a short trip, but we sure were going to make the most of it.

I took the overnight flight on a Monday, arrived early Tuesday morning with very little sleep, checked into the hotel – Les Jardins, part of the Small Leading Hotels of the World in the fabulous area of Champs Elysees and met up with Carol. We then headed off to the French Open for a first full day of tennis and what a fabulous day it was. By the end of the day, we were both exhausted, but since we were here for only 5 days, we were not wasting our time on sleep!

We had 2 full days of tennis and 2 full days of touring the gorgeous city of Paris. While this was not my first time in Paris, there is always so much to see and do. While walking through the city, in which we did a lot of, whenever we passed a really neat hotel, I would go in, introduce myself and get a tour. There is no better way to recommend a place to stay or eat than to experience it myself. I came across a really neat hotel, The Baltimore and it was so quaint with a lovely ambiance. The staircase itself were designed and built by Mr. Eiffel – yes, the man that designed the Eiffel Tower. Another gorgeous hotel is the Hotel Raphael, one of the Leading Hotels of the World. It had an amazing rooftop dining terrace that looked over the city in the centre of Champs Elysees. While accommodations are very pricey in Paris, you can find some fabulous restaurants to enjoy if you go a little off the ‘tourist street’.

Gallery LaFayette, the famous upscale department store in the centre of the city is a masterpiece of design. It has several floors of all kinds – haute couture, a whole floor for just shoes ☺ and a really neat café on the 6th floor that allows you to sit outside and see the stunning views of Paris.

Paris is a gorgeous city to explore and an easy destination to get to, even for a long weekend.