Travel to St. Lucia

When you are a travel agent, it’s not uncommon to be invited down to one of the islands (by the tourist board) or sometimes even by an individual resort.  These trips are referred to in the biz as ‘fams’, short for familiarization trips, and although they sound rather glamorous (and they kind of are J) they are always go-go-go.


Well, last week, I finally got the change to go on a ‘fam’ to St. Lucia!!  What a fantastic and friendly island, with so features that make it so different from all the other islands I’ve visited (and I’ve been to a lot!).  The landscape is mountainous and so lush with stunning rain forest; the food was phenomenal and the resorts and beaches were unique and gorgeous.

And talk about go-go-go!!!  Up at 6:30 am and not done until almost midnight each night!!  I visited  15 different resorts and hotels and ate at 11 different restaurants.  What I liked so much was that each resort had its own style and ambiance.  From the Jade Mountain, up high on a cliff and it’s ultra high touch amenities to the  Body Holiday Resort that caters to those interested in some real rejuvenation of the body and mind.

So, if you want to make St. Lucia your next vacation destination, let me know as I really feel like a genuine St. Lucia ‘expert’ right now!!  Besides…I have to show my husband (who had the kids for the week, that these ‘work trips’ are worthwhile J).

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