Travel Your Way

travel-your-wayTravel like so many other things, come in different packages. Whether it be an all-inclusive package with flights, accommodations, transfers or something a bit more tailored specifically just for you. Flexible Independent Travel (commonly known as FIT) is huge nowadays as you can customize your holiday to meet your needs.  FIT is a perfect way to allow me to design creative itineraries for my clients; whether it be part of a small group or your own personal tour.

Cruises are a fantastic way to see so many different destinations especially in Europe.  But one of the extra costs above and beyond a cruise is the excursions. And while you are part of a large group, you have to wait for others to board the bus while it is cutting into your precious time. Booking a private tour for your excursion is well worth the money and sometimes is not any more money than what the cruise line is offering. You get private transfers – someone picking you up at your port, taking you to the places YOU want to see and experience, with a private English speaking guide and ensuring you get back in plenty of time for your departure. Sometimes it can only be a private transfer from the airport to the hotel that saves you time. This way you don’t have to make the pit stops to drop off other traveller’s to their respective hotels. It gets you to your destination that much quicker so you can start your vacation!

Flexible Independent Travel is really like ordering your very own custom vacation based on your budget, your needs and your interests.

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