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Beautiful Kelowna in your own backyard

What a fabulous vacation we just came back from. I took my girls to Kelowna this year for 1 week and we met my sister and her family there as well. I knew it was a different place in Canada to visit and I chose there as I wanted to explore more of British Columbia plus have the heat in the summer time. I am so glad we went there and did lots of exploring. It surprised me how it was a bit like a desert – hot, but dry heat. We stayed right on Lake Okanagan in a resort/condo with a pool, tennis, beach and walking to the lovely downtown of Kelowna. Fabulous food, great ambiance, amazing hiking and water sports. Lots to keep families entertained. We were lucky enough not to be that impacted by the forest fires, although there was smoke and haze in the distance, but that just made it part of the experience.

We explored, hiked up Knox Mountain, parasailed (probably my least favourite thing to do, but all the kids loved it), paddle boarded, played tennis and zip lined at Canada’s highest (381ft) freestyle zip line. That was by far my highlight, even when we did it upside down!

I loved to explore another part of Canada and look forward to where my next adventure will take me!