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Experiences are the best type of gift

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, I am sure the thoughts about gift giving are on everyone’s minds. If there is one thing I have learned from myself, my two wonderful daughters and my clients, are that experiences are the best type of gift. We are surrounded by ‘stuff’ to purchase and the newest gadgets to have. And while some of it is great, I have more and more clients looking to travel with their families, their extended families and their friends. To make memories that will last a lifetime. If the holidays are not the right time to travel, giving the gift of travel for another time is always a great idea and I would love to be part of that process with you.
While I am a single mother of two wonderful daughters; one that graduated from Grade 12 and one from Grade 8, I decided that instead of ‘buying’ them something special, I took them away and we spent countless hours together laughing, building memories, connecting and relaxing. For me, these types of gifts are the most special and I cherish that time I can spend with my daughters as they grow up and become even more independent.