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Family adventures in Costa Rica

If you want to have the best family adventure, then why not let me help you plan something fabulous! Start your adventure at The Springs in Arenal and then finish at The Peace Lodge. You can experience the best hot springs, river experiences. La Paz Waterfall gardens and the full animal sanctuary.
I have been to Costa Rica by the ocean and it was wonderful! But I was not able to visit Arenal and that is on my bucket list and this resort is SO amazing!
Are you looking for a fabulous getaway with your girlfriends, family or just a singles getaway to rejuvenate and experience something so unique?
This is the resort that can even offers villas so you can travel with a larger group of friends. Will Smith and his family were just there J Does it mean that this is unaffordable? No, it just depends on the time that you are traveling as there are some great deals. It has been noted as one of the seven resorts with the most spectacular views in the world. Why? Because every room has a view of the volcano.