Travelling Scotland through my clients eyes

“I have just returned from a far-too-quick trip to Scotland to visit with my daughter Chloé at University in Edinburgh and travel around with my sister, Beth. I have only been once before, in 1993, and Beth had never been to the land of our ancestors. This was not a comprehensive trip by any stretch, we left much to explore over the next few years while Chloé is in school. I anticipate returning again and again. In the meantime, I brought back wonderful memories and close to 700 photos.”

Here are some of the highlights (and a little less than 40 photos*)

You have to read this post – it is a spectacular glimpse into Scotland – and I love Lee’s rating system with CHAMPAGNE GLASSES : ) Love Tu Travel got a 5 Champagne Glass rating

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Both Beth and I are well traveled – certainly in terms of North American travel. Over the years we’ve been to many places, most of which would be considered elevated, quite chi-chi now that I think about it. That being said, we are always looking for good value for our money and time. This is how I would rate (out of champagne glasses, of course) our holiday:

Erica Tu at Love Tu Travel was (as always) fabulous to work with while planning this trip. It was one of those last minute “hey, I have six free days, let’s go to Scotland” and Erica made all of the arrangements based on my list of highlights to show Beth. (Rating: 5 champagne glasses)