Oils that will help you with anxiety

I have some clients that struggle with a fear of flying. They know it is safer then driving but it is a real phobia that many don’t understand. I want my clients to be as relaxed as possible so that their trips begin and end in a stress free way.

I asked a local Young Living Essential Oils rep @CapricornandClove on Instagram what she could suggest to help calm the nerves! This is what she suggests….

Valor: Promotes feelings of bravery and helps us to over come fear – relaxes and calms

Tranquil Roller  –  to  help  calm.

Vetiver is your  your go to for flat out anxiety~

Stress Away: Diffused this in your home the night before you travel, and place a few drops on your wrist and neck to breath in throughout the flight

Peace and Calming – the name says it all

Lemongrass is great once you get to your destination for everything from stress to mosquitoes to removing nail polish~a fave on dryer balls when you return home with a suitcase of laundry~

You can contact Capricorn and Alcover here: