European Summer Holidays

I have booked a few holidays for this Mother and Daughter travelling duo…..I love how them embrace where they are and try it all – and she is a FABULOUS photographer :). Thank you Barb.

Thank you Erica for setting up our most recent trip, it was amazing and went off without a hitch. My teenage daughter and I visited three cities, several Unesco World Heritage sites, museums galore and just spent a wonderful time trekking around this part of old Europe.

The city of Brussels, vibrant, colourful and with a great sense of humour. Cobblestone streets took us just steps to Unesco World Heritage Site, La Grand Place, quaint shops and cafes.  Mixed in with a day trip to beautiful Brugge for chocolate and lace.

Luxembourg City, at first glance – quiet and dignified, is a lovely medieval secret with cafes and markets in the Unesco listed old town square. And thanks to Erica we were so close to it all – restaurants, exquisite shopping as well as the beautiful cream coloured houses up and down this serene river valley.
Amsterdam, well, there was no shortage of pretty sites in this amazing city. She had us situated right on the canal for stunning views of the houseboats, canals and the distinct  canal houses. And experiencing the bike culture was just wonderful . Steps to the Anne Frank House, and walking distance to major museums and  shopping … no words for this lovely, friendly city.