Mother and Son Trip, UK

I love working with Lee – she has 4 grown children and takes them all on a yearly trips – separately…creating incredible memories. The year she took her youngest son on the trip of a lifetime….this is only part 1 – more to follow.

I’ve decided that it’s time to travel. I’m in a unique space in time – my kids are no longer living at home and no one is planning on making me a grandmother anytime soon. This gives me an ideal window to travel. I’ve been to all provinces and territories (except Nunavut) in Canada as well as all 50 contiguous United States and much of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. I’ve also taken two trips to the UK. That’s it, the sum total of my adventures. Until now!

In August, I went on a wonderful 2-week holiday with my youngest, Caden. After months of planning (thanks to Erica Tu of Luxe Travel by Design) we enjoyed our time in the UK and the Baltic. There are no words, but I’ll try! There are plenty of photos, over 1,800 were taken but I’ve reduced them to the very best for these holiday posts.

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