Don’t be stressed, be prepared.

Boosting your immune system is always a good idea,  prevention is best! Here I’ll share a little about how a few essential oils can help.
Essential oils can be used as effective tools to support your family’s immune system & overall wellness. Here are my top 4 immune support oil recommendations & a couple of easy DIY ideas.
Cinnamon Bark Oil: fights viral & infectious disease; beneficial for colds, flu, coughs & circulation. Scientists have yet to find a bacteria, virus or fungus that can grow in its presence.
Clove Oil: #1 antioxidant, antiviral, anti-fungal, supports Flu symptoms, digestive, respiratory & cardiovascular issues.
Lemon Oil: air purifying, antioxidant, disinfectant, support for colds, fever, sore throat, anxiety, stress, is antiviral & anti-fungal.
Oregano: antiviral, antibacterial, pneumonia, sore throat, strep/staph infections, colds. Contains thymol & carvacrol! (Google these! Amazing!).

*Also ‘Thieves’ essential oil blend which combines all the immune support  goodness of cinnamon bark oil, clove oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil & rosemary oil.

How to use them & Easy DIY ideas:
  1. Diffuse them!! I like to diffuse straight Thieve or 4 drops clove, 3 cinnamon bark & 2 lemon.
  2. take 1 drop of Oregano oil daily ?
  3. add 1 drop of lemon water to your drinking water. Take you oils in your carry-on for easy access. ?
  4. Sore throat? Add 1 drop of Clove oil & 1 drop of lemon oil to 1 tsp of honey. ?
  5. Irritated throat? Gargle 1-2 drops of Oregano oil in warm water. ?
  6. Feet: 1 drop of oregano oil, Thieves oil blend or clove oil on the bottoms of each foot to be absorbed & carried through the body. I do this at bedtime. ?
  7. Immune Support Tea: add 1 drop each of cinnamon bark oil, clove oil & lemon oil to 1 tsp of honey & stir into hot water. ?
  8. Make & Take when you travel an Immune Support Roller! Add to a 10 ml roller bottle:
    6 drops Clove oil
    6 drops Cinnamon bark oil
    5 drops Oregano oil
    5 drops Peppermint oil
    6 drops lemon oil
    Top with a grapeseed carried oil. Roll onto bottoms of feet & wrists. ✈️
  9. Breakfast! Add 2 drops of clove or cinnamon bark oil to your oatmeal or 1 drop to your coffee! ☕️
  10. Smoothie/Protein Shake: add 2-3 drops of any of these oils or a combo to your smoothie or shake… lemon vanilla is yummy!
  11. Elderberry Syrup: I like to take 1 tsp a day for prevention. When I buy or make a new bottle of syrup, I add 10 drops of cinnamon bark oil, 10 drops of lemon oil & 10 drops of clove oil.
  12. DIY vegetarian gel capsules for immune support. I like:
    2 drops clove
    1 drop cinnamon bark
    1 drop oregano
    3 drops olive oil.
These are just a few oils and a few ways essential oils can support wellness. Please understand that not all oils are created equal, most are not ingestible. Do you research & check with your doctor.  Reach out to me any time at [email protected] or via Instagram @capricornandclove I’m happy to help:)
Safe travels! Sherry