Covid Fatigue

Covid Fatigue is very real ☹. It has taken quite a toll on all of us on so many various levels.

To give you a bit of insight of what my world has looked like in the past 14 months of Covid as a Travel Advisor. I spent the first several months organizing cancellations/credits and refunds. Some refunds actually took 10 months of constant follow up!  The amount of paperwork, filing, tracking and follow up has been enormous. We have had to implement new systems just so we can have all this information organized properly. The cancellations have had me working for free on top of having to return thousands of dollars of recalled commissions. Now as inquiries are starting up again – which is so nice as I am extremely excited to be working again, all inquiries take a lot more time of navigating through the cancellation policies, the entry/exit requirements and the health and safety protocols. Did you know – you can book a flight to Sydney Australia, but if it connects in Melbourne, then you cannot continue on to your destination until you have completed a 14 day quarantine? My job now is to learn about each stopover city, end destination and to research the travel industry sites so I can provide the proper information to my clients.

I spend a lot of my time engaging in webinars, reconnecting with our preferred suppliers, learning about health and safety protocols from our trusted hoteliers and keeping up to date on insurance policies and questions. At TTI, we have had weekly meetings since Covid started to discuss, collaborate, network and stay connected during this insane time in our lives. We all work together to make it better for our clients as that is what matters at the end of the day.

Will we go back to normal? Who knows what normal means anymore, but we will adapt, we will persevere and we will appreciate our travel experiences so much more now.

Booking a much needed escape can mean something close to home or something even more exotic, but the process is not as straightforward as it used to be. So, please reach out and I am happy to work with you.  I have clients booking for festive (December – January) 2021 and even a group into December 2022. To give you a bit of insight, bookings for this December 2021 are already harder to secure do to pent up demand and supply. So please do not think that booking last minute is the way to go – that may come back in time, but unfortunately not for awhile.

Wishing you all good health and wonderful adventures to come.