What Is A Travel Designer

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

My role as a travel designer has definitely evolved over the years. My job, my priority is not to just book a trip for my clients; it is to design, research, recommend and elevate my clients trips to meet and exceed their expectations. Some  trips are more straight forward while others are looking to find something more unique, designed just for them and the way they like to experience travel.

I work with my clients from the very beginning to understand what their travel needs are, the way they like to travel, what they are hoping to experience. Time away from home and work should be stress free and memorable and my job is to make this experience as smooth and seamless as possible for all of my clients. Your most valuable asset is your time, I want to save you time by providing you with the best options for you.

Not everything in life is tied up so nicely without issues, so if my clients incur anything during their trip, I am here to always assist them. They do not just book with me and are done; I am with my clients from the very beginning  to the end and work with my trusted contacts worldwide that I have built relationships with to always go above and beyond.