At Your Service

“People don't take trips, trips take people.”

I am very happy to spend the time researching the best options for my clients.

However, I now require all new clients to commit to a $250 planning deposit that will allow me to go ahead and work on providing various options. Please note that this planning deposit is not a separate fee, it counts fully towards their trip cost.

Why am I implementing this? I have had people come to me for ‘advice’ on where to travel to. I am so happy to have new clients and referrals, however my time is precious since I am a very busy and sustainable clientele. I have learned from the past that spending this extra time with potential clients to help them find the right destination sometimes leads them to just use my expertise and suggestions. While I am offering this information to these individuals, it is taking precious time away from my existing clientele.

I feel that if you are are really wanting to work together, the $250 planning fee will not be an issue at all. Please remember this is NOT an extra charge.